About Us

Our legacy and story.

About Us

Our legacy and story.
Cecilio and Rosalinda Garcia arrived in the United States in 1978 in search of the American Dream. Rosalinda worked at several different restaurants and Cecilio worked as a machinist until they were able to save money to open their first restaurant located on Weber Avenue in 1988. Opening the restaurant required a huge sacrifice and the small building had nothing to allow the Garcia Family any opportunity to open. All the necessary equipment that had to be purchased and installed. The whole family did all the remodeling work themselves, while Rosalinda and Cecilio continued employment at the their regular jobs. Cecilio and Sam — the eldest son, worked hard at the restaurant after Cecilio’s regular work hours. During the remodeling process, Rosalinda gave birth to their youngest child, Nadine. The birth gave the family no choice but to spend all the remaining money that they had on finishing the restaurant. Asa last and only chance at opening the restaurant, Cecilio and Rosalinda decided that it was time to sell their 1929 Ford. With the sale of the 1929 Ford, they were able to purchase all the remaining necessary equipment that would allow them to open doors.
The restaurant was completed and ready to open. .however, one thing remained unsolved. They had no meats or produce to make the food. This left the family with no other choices but to break all the children’s piggy banks. This gave them enough money to buy what they needed for one fill day of operation, as well as little bit of cash for change for the customers. The restaurant officially opened on October 3, 1988. Cecilio did all of the cooking and Rosalinda greeted the customers and waited all the tables. Sam and Alexandra also helped as much as they could by cleaning off the tables and washing the dishes. After a few short months, tragedy struck the family home and all of their belongings. The family was approached by the newspaper and local media asking Cecilio and Rosalinda if they needed help. They responded by thanking everyone for all of their support, but refused to accept any donations. They asked instead that people come and support the family by dining at their family restaurant. The Family spent the day at the hospital as Sam, the eldest child, was treated for the burns on his hands from the house fire. The next morning, Cecilio and Rosalinda knew they had to open the restaurant, since it was their only means of income. When they arrived that morning, they were greeted by numerous customers waiting for the doors to open. With good service began a special relationship between the Garcia family and the people of the community, which would go on for years to come.

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